A quick checklist when opeinging the store
  1. Count the register
  2. Open Elevate Web
  3. Open Elevate
  4. Check sales portal

Inventory Count

Inventory is to be kept up daily
  1.  To do an inventory count first count the totals phones you have 
  2. Then list item by item including the 
  3. Then go to Go to Elevate Reports  Access Code is 9901145  then use your Elevate login and  find Reports for Aging inventory  and select your stoer
  4. click below to enter inventory count
Reports-- sales--Item Summary--(change date to today on the top right hand side)- The Column with Amount
Vendor -- Salestax--- Sales Tax liability
When you came in the morning how much money was in the Drawer mins the $100 Float
Go to Epay webpos from crome then go to transactons then start date and end date mus be the same and write in the total from epay must match total Boost payment
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Cash/ Creditcard/ Payouts

Write down Denominations Estimated Change = $1= ? $2 =? $5 = ? $10 = ? $20 =? $50 = ? $100 = ?
Please list the payout Types (ex .. commissions phone purchases ect....)